St. Patrick's Church - 1145 de Salaberry, Quebec City
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St. Patrick



Established in 1832

The first St. Patrick's Church was established on McMahon Street, in Old Quebec in 1832. The founder was the Rev. Patrick McMahon. At the beginning of the 19th century, approximately 1/5 (7000 people) of the city's population was Irish Catholic. Prior to having their own church, the Irish Catholics had been allowed to use the Basilica and the Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church in Place Royale for their services. The last Mass in the McMahon Church was celebrated on May 28, 1967. It was later destroyed by fire. Although, there is nothing left of the interior of the church, the façade has been preserved and is incorporated into the Cancer Research Centre operated by the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital. The church walls are the only standing vestiges of the nineteenth century French-Canadian architect, Thomas Baillargé.

In 1914, a bigger church with a rectory was built on Grande-Allée to meet the needs of the growing community. The present-day church on De Salaberry Avenue later replaced it. The current church is a much smaller building and more suitable for the size of today's parish (approx. 500 families). It was built in 1988 following the demolition of the Grande Allée Church

The interior of the present-day church has many of the remnants of the previous two churches, such as the marble altar, the pews, the restored Casavant organ of 18 stops built in 1915, the Baptismal font, and the elaborate frame in which the picture of Mother of Perpetual Help is placed and to whom the Redemptorists had a special devotion.

The Redemptorist Fathers assured the ministry of the parish from 1874 to 1999. The Redemptorists relinquished pastoral care of St. Patrick's back to the Archdiocese of Quebec in 1999 and a diocesan priest was appointed as pastor.

The parish serves the English-speaking community in Quebec City and many surroundings cities. However, it has kept its Irish heritage, and is a united and committed church community known for its generosity and hospitality. Children are particularly loved, elderly people honoured, and families highly valued.




Celebration of Mass on St. Patrick's Day in Jesuit Chapel - first public expression of social religious life of Irish in Quebec.

Basilica placed at disposal of the Irish Catholics of Quebec.

Notre-Dame-des-Victoires placed at their disposal.

Purchase of lots on McMahon and St. Stanislas Streets.
Construction of St. Patrick's Church and Presbytery began in October.

Dedication of St. Patrick's Church (McMahon Street).

During the "Black '47" the sacred edifice was lengthened and a spacious sacristy added in the rear. The "parish" then numbered between ten and twelve thousand souls.

Purchase of cholera burying ground on Grande Allée.
Passage of an act by the legislative to Incorporate Congregation of the Catholics of Quebec speaking the English language.
Foundation of Saint Brigid's Home.

Arrival of the Redemptorists.

Arrival of the Sisters of Charity of Quebec (Grey nuns) to manage Saint Brigid's Home.
Artillery Barracks acquired for St. Patricks School, managed by the Christian Brothers.
Purchase of lots in Sillery for St. Patricks Cemetery.

Dedication of Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Diamond Harbour.

Canonical Erection of St., Patrick's Parish.

Blessing of Basement church on Grande-Allée.

Arrival of Sisters of Charity of Halifax to manage new girls school.

Dedication of Upper Church on Grand Allée.

Dedication of St. Stephen's Church.

Demolition of St. Patrick's Grande Allée Church

Consecration of new Saint Patrick's Church on de Salaberry Avenue.

St. Patrick's Church has become a member of the Internet community.



Dear Parishers,

This new section of the history page contains a photo album of the demolition of our beloved church on Grande Allée. If you have some photographs of the demolition or of the interior or exterior of our church and wish to share them, please email us at or contact us at 524-3544. Thank you.

Please note: you may enlarge each picture by clicking on them.

St. Patrick's Church - Grande Allée. Fr. Doug Stamp poses in front of the monastery and notes that the Parish can no longer afford the buildings. April 26, 1987 - Parishioners vote on future of Church.

February 1988 - sale papers signed.

February 1988 - the sale is completed.

March 25, 1988 - Fr. Stamp comments on the demolition of St. Patrick's.

March 25, 1988 - The work begins on the demolition of the monastery.

The work continues on the demolition of the monastery.

Brick by brick - the monastery falls.

People gather to watch.

It is isn't long before the monastery is torn down.

One of the last Masses held in St. Patrick's Church - the installation of Fr. C. McAulay as pastor on August 15, 1988.

January 18, 1989 - the demolition of St. Patrick's Church begins.

January 19, 1989 - demolition continues.

January 30, 1989 - just a memory.